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Gynecomastia Surgery, Face and Stomach Liposuction

Men are often just as concerned about how they look as women are. But unfortunately, due to the expectations of society, they’ve generally had to just deal with how they look and suffer from their insecurities in silence. Now more than ever, there’s pressure on men to look their best, especially with the explosion of the digital age, social media, and platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Dr. Reis understands that the desire to look your very best doesn’t mean that you have to give up your masculinity. He provides men just like you with a variety of procedures that can help you to feel good, renew your self-confidence, and allow you to approach life with a freshly-renewed sense of self-worth.

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If you’re bothered by excess fat around your face, cheeks, and chin, this is the surgery for you. It’s an effective procedure that removes fatty deposits and can drastically change how you look thanks to shaping the contours of your face.

Weight around the cheeks and chin can cause you to look overweight and old before your time, and deposits of fat in your upper neck can create a “double-chin” look that no guy wants.

Face and neck liposuction for men is a noninvasive procedure that can take years off how old you look, and can also completely transform how slim you look.


Liposuction on the stomach and abdominal area is the most popular form of liposuction. Many men around the United States undergo this procedure and are overjoyed with the results. Whether it’s simply to help boost self-confidence or to provide a building block for a fitness plan, stomach liposuction can help transform your life in many ways.

Dr. Reis strongly believes that every patient is unique and requires a custom-tailored plan to address each’s unique concerns, needs, and goals. Unlike many cosmetic surgeons that use a cookie cutter approach for all patients, Dr. Reis strongly believes that a highly customized and personalized plan for each patient is the most important component of success.


This type of surgery is ideal for removing unsightly “man boobs” that are most commonly caused by excessive sensitivity of the breast glandular tissue (yes guys, we have this too!) to estrogen which is present even in low levels in men and is a very important component of mood and overall wellbeing. This can also be caused by higher than average estrogen levels or products that mimic estrogen, like soy protein or marijuana. In cases where the cause is not identifiable and correctable with diet or lifestyle changes, surgery is the best option to correct the problem. In addition to excess glandular tissue, most men with gynecomastia also have an excess of fatty tissue that needs to be addressed. Depending on each patient’s individual presentation, needs and goals, Dr. Reis will use a combination of direct excision of the glandular tissue through a small incision at the border of the nipple-areola as well as liposuction to sculpt the chest and remove the excess fat and correct any crater-like deformity that results after removing the central glandular tissue under the nipple.

Having excess fat on the chest, abdominal, or arm areas can be devastating for a man’s self-esteem, and having an effective option to remove it simply is very empowering.

Gynecomastia surgery also acts as a precursor to high-def body sculpting of the abdominal, chest, or arm muscles. Muscles are sculpted by selectively removing fat, and in some circumstances, if Dr. Reis deems it appropriate, repositioning it via a method known as “lipofilling” or fat grafting.


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