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confident woman in bikini
confident woman in bikini

Houston Breast Reduction Specialist

If you feel that smaller, perkier breasts could help you look more proportionate, ease your discomfort, or enhance your self-confidence, you might consider breast reduction surgery an ideal solution. Houston breast reduction specialist Dr. Scott Reis can help women achieve a smaller bust that still looks full and natural and perfectly complements their physiques.

For women who have already undergone breast augmentation and are interested in a smaller breast size, Dr. Reis also performs breast implant revision and breast implant removal surgery at his Houston practice.

Breast Reduction Surgery: What to Expect

During breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty), Dr. Reis removes excess skin, tissue, and fat from the breasts to reduce their size and refine their shape. He also repositions the nipple and reduces the Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Breast Reduction American Society of Plastic Surgeons Go to Source size of the areolae .

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The Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, breast reduction incisions may be made around the areola, in a keyhole-shaped pattern extending to the fold under the breast, or in an anchor shape with extensions at the bottom of the keyhole pattern along the lower breast fold. Dr. Reis will remove excess fat and tissue from the breast and will also excise extra skin. Finally, Dr. Reis will gently reposition the nipple and reduce the size of the areola to give a more perky, proportionate appearance to the breast while maintaining nipple sensation. Incisions are meticulously closed, and the patient is gently awakened from anesthesia before returning home accompanied by a Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Breast Reduction Procedure American Society of Plastic Surgeons Go to Source friend or family member .

Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, you will be fitted with dressings or bandages. You may also return home wearing a support bra and/or with small tubes placed to drain excess fluid from the surgical sites.

You can expect to experience some discomfort, tenderness, and sensitivity after your breast reduction procedure. Dr. Reis will prescribe medication to ease this. You may also notice swelling or bruising of the breasts; this will resolve within a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction

Will I have scars after my breast reduction?

Any surgical procedure will leave some type of scar. However, a highly-experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Reis will have the necessary skills and technique to leave scars that are carefully placed to be less visible.

Additionally, Dr. Reis provides a number of scar reduction services. He recommends the use of Alastin Restorative Skin Nectar before and after treatment to diminish the appearance of surgical scars along with Skinuva silicone and growth factor based scar gel. If necessary, Dr. Reis also performs fractional CO2 laser treatments after surgery to further fade breast reduction scars.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

When performed by a skilled surgeon, risks of breast reduction surgery are minor, rare, and similar to the risks of any type of surgery. Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Breast Reduction Surgery Mayo Clinic Go to Source These may include :

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Suboptimal scarring
  • Decrease or loss of nipple sensation
  • Asymmetry of breasts or nipples

Am I a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if:

  • You have large or pendulous breasts that negatively impact your self-esteem and/or cause you discomfort
  • You are in overall good health
  • You do not smoke or use nicotine products
  • You have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with plastic surgery

Your Breast Reduction Consultation

The benefits of breast reduction surgery go far beyond the aesthetic. After this procedure, all of Dr. Reis’ patients report decreased back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as a greater variety of clothing style options than they had before.

During your breast reduction consultation with Dr. Reis, you will have the opportunity to candidly discuss your concerns and your goals in a supportive and private environment. Dr. Reis will make sure you fully understand all options available to you, and you will arrive at the ideal treatment plan for your unique situation together. To learn more about your breast reduction options, please contact us today to schedule your personal appointment with Dr. Reis in Houston.

Patient Testimonials


Dr. Scott Reis helped me be able to love my body again, i got a breast reduction and i feel so much more comfortable wearing tighter fitting


Dr. Reis is an amazing and caring doctor!! Great experience and super results!! His staff is top notch. Facilities are in prestige condition


Dr. Reis is an amazing surgeon. He is very knowledgeable, a true professional and he took the time to get to know me, listen attentively...


Dr. Reis has it all when you are looking for a doctor. His talent, attention to detail, and truly caring about his patients shines through..

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