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Patient 1

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This is a 27-year-old patient who was born with cup ear deformity of the left ear which occurs when the normal folds and contours of the ear don’t form properly. This results in the ears protruding further out than normal and also gives them a cup or bowl-like unnatural shape as opposed to the normal disk-like shape of the ear. He had previously undergone otoplasty (ear revision) to correct this deformity; however, the surgery was not done properly and resulted in a well-known secondary deformity after improper correction of cup ear, know as telephone deformity since the upper and lower thirds of the ear protrude and look similar to an old-school payphone handset. He underwent revision otoplasty to correctly reshape, contour and recreate natural ear anatomy and has a fantastic result. He’s so pleased and thankful as he has always struggled with self-esteem and confidence as a result of this obvious facial deformity. Subtle corrections like this, especially on the ears, nose and face can be life changing for patients


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